Friday, April 10, 2020

The Daycare Magician Book

The Daycare Magician Book 

by Tom Boleware

Buy Now Never before has a magic book explained the daycare business like this. Written by Tom Boleware a long time Magician & Daycare Owner. You will get an inside look at the daycare business from both sides of the fence. You will find out exactly what goes on inside daycare. Learn what to expect when going into a daycare to do a magic show. Learn how to book the show. How to deal with the children and the staff.  This book is packed with valuable information for the magician wanting to perform at daycare centers.

The book is now being sold as a PDF download.

Some topics covered in the book are:

The Daycare Business---A Day At Daycare---How To Think Like A Child

Keep Young Children Interested---Educational Shows---Theme Shows

Entertainment Only Shows---The Rules Of The Show---Which Show Is Best

Getting Your Foot In The Door---How To Book The Show

 How Much To Charge---Selling On The Phone---How To Get Leads

How To Charge More And Get It---Repeat Shows

Keeping Everyone Happy---Dealing With The Staff

Having Them Beg You Back---How To Work The Same Daycare Over And Over

How To Book Several Shows At Once---The $1000.00 Daycare Show

How 20 Daycare Centers Equals $50,000 Per Year---Tips, Tips, and More Tips

And Much, Much, Much More

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Friday, January 5, 2018

Magicians All Purpose Round Storage Pouch

This all Purpose Round Storage Pouch is perfect for the magician. Use it to hold your coins, thumb tip, nail writer, squeaker, silk, or any of your smaller magical thingamajigs.

The zipper pouch is made from good quality material. Has net pockets inside to hold items. The semi-rigid outside protects the contents. Outside measures appox 3” across and 1” thick, a perfect pocket size.

Only available in black color.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Inspiring Words Book

Like any self employed person the magician needs to stay motivated too. My 80 page ebook, Inspiring Words, is a huge collection of inspiring short stories, quotes, and words of wisdom that will lift you up and get you moving. It is packed with ‘just what you need’ material.  Perfect for the salesperson, the business owner, the magician, the athlete, or anyone else wanting a little help getting to the finish line. 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Twelve Tips For The Daycare Magician

1.   Don’t talk to children as if they are babies. Be natural, this applies to both facial expressions and voice qualities. Use short sentences without big words they do not understand yet.

2.   Use a well written out script when selling on the phone, BUT know it well enough that it doesn’t sound like you’re reading it.

3.   Think of selling the show this way. You are offering them an opportunity to see a great show at a great price. They should be calling you.

4.   Discount coupons work great in daycare centers. Maybe it’s because women are use to using coupons and like to take advantage of them.

5.   Personalizing your props by giving them a name can really make the routine come to life.   Name your silks, Orangey, Meany Green, Huey Bluey, Ready Freddy, Rinky Pinky, etc.

6.   It’s NOT the director that most often gives your name to parents. It’s the teachers. They see and talk to the parents more often. Try to get to know as many of the staff as possible, and be sure to give each of them a business card.

7.   An educational show is not always to teach the kids new things but rather reinforce what has already been taught by the teachers.
8.   Read as much as you can about marketing. There’s not much difference in selling regardless of what you’re selling. Time spent in a library or book store is time well spent.

9.   Studying a video tape of your show will help you make improvements. Taping your show and reviewing it later can be a big help.

10.   All daycares will not allow balloons into the center. Always check to see before you plan to make balloon animals for the children.

11. Don’t over stay your welcome. Once the show is over don’t stay so long that you are a distraction to the classes. Play it by ear.

12.  If you already own The Daycare Magician Book read it several times. You will always find something new that you may have missed the last read. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tips On Dealing With Daycare Staff

The Daycare Staff

Don't pretend to know more about kids than the staff does.

Remember, you're an entertainer not a child expert.

Don't be afraid to ask them for help in dealing with the children.

Be friendly to all of them. Remember, it's the director who books you the first time but often it's the staff as a whole that decides if you come back or not. They have more influence over the director than you do. Also remember the director turnover is high in some centers; that little ole lady that you didn't speak to may be your boss the next time you call on them.

Perform for the staff too. There are many effects for children that are entertaining to the adults as well. Carry a couple of good effects just for them.

Thank them during the show for letting you come. Have the children applaud them. Let them know you had a great time there and you hope to come back.

All the staff really expects is for you to entertain the children. They love watching the kids have fun, but if you want the event to be a big hit and for everyone to still be talking about you long after you have gone, include the staff. If the teachers have enjoyed the show, they will enjoy talking with the kids about it and will even encourage them to talk about it.

People like doing business with people they like. If you will go out of your way to please the customer offstage, just as you went out of your way to please the audience on stage, good things will happen.

Mary Kay Ash founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics once said the one suggestion she got in life that helped her most was to pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that reads, "Make me feel important."

Show BUSINESS is NOT about you, it's about pleasing everyone else.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Using Sucker Tricks In Daycare

Sucker Tricks

There has always been a big debate amongst magicians about using sucker tricks in a kid show. I'm not going to try and solve it here but I will say if the joke is on a child its best you leave it out. Don't single out a child and make him look stupid or play it like you're smarter than him/her, that's asking for trouble. There are a few sucker effects such as the Die Box or Egg to Silk that can be presented with great success IF it's aimed at the group as a whole. When it involves everyone, it's not as bad, but to make any one child look stupid, dumb, or cause them embarrassment is only proving how dumb you are and will get you nowhere.  I know I didn't have to tell you this but it never hurts to be reminded. 😊

You Can Now Purchase The Daycare Magician Book As a PDF Download  

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Friday, April 7, 2017

What Is Magic to Young Children

What Is Magic?

Magic is different to a young child than it is to an adult. Children live in a magical world all the time; there are many things they don't yet understand. Magic to a child could be just something they haven't learned to do yet.

For magic to be viewed as 'magic' by a child, it must be done with something they are familiar with, using concepts that they understand completely. For example: A child will know that if you hold on to something in your hand real tight it will remain there. When the magician places a coin in his hand and squeezes it real tight, it should still be there when the hand is opened.

Children in daycare color pictures often, they understand that it takes a crayon and some rubbing on the paper to get the picture colored. It's often difficult to stay within the lines but they do understand how it's supposed to be done. The magician makes magic when showing the coloring book effect. He colors without crayons, simply by waving his hand or saying a magic word. Now that is magic.

Children have spilled milk enough to know that once it is poured out on the floor it must be cleaned up, it doesn't just go away. The child has learned that if the cup is turned upside down that the milk is going to pour out and end up somewhere. The magician pours milk from a pitcher and there is no mess to be found, it vanishes. That's magic.

When a ball is thrown into the air it comes down every time. If it doesn't, it's magic.

In the above examples the magician is doing the same things that the child has often done, but the outcome is different, it's magic.

When choosing effects for children, ask yourself, is the concept something that the child is familiar with? Does it defy the laws of nature as seen through their eyes?

Young children are much smarter than we sometimes give them credit to be. Children are constantly learning on daily basics what is and what is not. It's also a fact that children are learning much faster today than they were a few years back. I bet your kids are much smarter than you were at their age. The children in daycare are certainly being taught more than ever today. Kindergarten requirements are much higher than they were a few years back. Most of us adults can remember when kindergarten was the beginning stage to learning, not so in today's world, they expect much more out of them.

The Daycare Magician Book

The Daycare Magician Book  by Tom Boleware Never before has a magic book explained the daycare business like this. Written by T...